About us


We are CLEAN, the Community Labor Environment Action Network supporting safer, humane and quality working conditions for carwash workers with worker organizing at our core.

In the past ten years, the Community Worker Environment (CLEAN) has demonstrated through collective action, community and citizen involvement that car wash plants can challenge working conditions. of a mining industry. In 2011, CLEAN is a union organizing organizational efforts of workers at the Car Wash Bonus in Santa Monica, which approved the first contract of car wash workers in the country. Six years later, Los Angeles is home to more than 20 car wash associations, many in LA Central. In 2013, CLEAN’s organization has resulted in the frequent issuance of Car Wash Laws, which, among other things, creates a car washman compensation fund, who owe salaries and can not recover. They are from their employer. This fund is very rare in California, and similar funds exist only for the car wash, clothing and agriculture industries.

At present, in 2018, we are gradually moving to industrial sanitation services around the world especially in the US and Vietnam, aiming to provide the best quality service to the community.

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